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about us.

Our production company was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Ed and Luke White, who shared a vision for creating groundbreaking content that would captivate and inspire audiences. Since our inception, we have assembled a team of the brightest and most innovative creative talent from around the world, each of whom shares our commitment to producing thought-provoking, entertaining, and unique content.

From the initial spark of inspiration to the final stages of production, we are dedicated to seeing our projects through every stage of development. We believe that the key to success in this fast-moving industry is to embrace new technologies and to evolve with the changing landscape of media and entertainment.

Our team includes editors, writers, producers, cinematographers, directors, and drone operators, each of whom brings a unique set of skills and expertise to our projects. We work collaboratively to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and to the highest possible standard, whether we are creating documentary, fiction, or branded content.

Our passion for storytelling and our commitment to producing cinematic, captivating stories for the screen is what drives us. We believe that every project has the potential to be a landmark achievement, and we approach each new endeavor with enthusiasm, creativity, and a relentless drive for excellence. Whether we are working on a small-scale independent film or a major branded campaign, we bring the same level of dedication, professionalism, and passion to everything we do.

We were founded by twin brothers, Ed and Luke White in 2015.

Working with the brightest creative talent, we strive to create landmark content that's thought-provoking, entertaining and unique.

We see our projects through every stage of production, from the first spark of inspiration all the way to completion, and in this fast-moving industry we embrace and evolve with new technologies.  


Our talent pool consists of editors, writers, producers, cinematographers, directors and drone operators.

Whether its for documentary, fiction, or branded content, we know how to tell captivating, cinematic stories for the screen and our passionate team is committed to delivering projects on time and always to the highest standard.

the directors.

Luke White - Director

luke white.


Luke has a BSc in Film & Television Production from the University of York, where he specialised in directing. His work was selected to be screened at a BAFTA showcase and received praise from a panel of leading industry professionals, including DoP Roger Deakins (Skyfall).

Luke has experience directing for both fiction and documentary films. He also has a passion for editing, having worked with some of London's biggest edit houses on both  corporate and commercial films.

Ed White - Director of Photography

ed white.


Ed has a BSc in Film & Television Production from the University of York. He has shot feature-length films that have received worldwide distribution in both fiction and non-fiction genres.


Over the course of 4 years he travelled the globe for a documentary that exposed the dangers of toxic air on passenger aircraft and in 2019 the film was selected for the Raindance film festival.


Ed's documentary style translates into his branded content, telling engaging true stories that help brands connect with their customers.

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